JR completed a Master’s in Educational Technology and Design in the summer of 2013 with a focus on instructional design and multimedia design for learning. JR also holds a Bachelor of Education degree, with a major in Practical and Applied arts and a minor in Mathematics. JR is a lifelong learner willing to try almost anything, in pursuit of knowing at least a little about a lot. Professionally this leads JR to working with a wide array of individuals in many fields from lutherie to new media to humanities in a breadth of industries, K-12 classrooms, and now higher education settings. In his own time JR pursues even more seemingly disparate activities from craftsmanship to playing music to videography to Judo and Shiatsu. Being a generalist is the foundation of JR’s approach to everything he does, drawing on all his experiences to inform and guide his actions and creations.



From time to time I get my blog on. This usually happens if I’m taking a course (MOOC or otherwise), attending a conference, or read a colleagues blog that inspires a train of thought. I mostly blog about education related topics, but there are some hobby and personal posts included from time to time as well.

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I created this portfolio to capture notable projects from different areas of my expertise. From my time as a Practical and Applied Arts teacher to my work as both an Educational Developer and Instructional Designer. This is my education related portfolio.

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I have a few consistent hobbies like martial arts and shiatsu, but many of my other hobbies come and go as opportunities to learn present themselves. Sometimes this means I go through a period of woodworking, glass work, metal work, etc. Other times it means taking on digital projects. Sometimes it means volunteering for different organizations. My hobby portfolio really is a mystery box of activity and artifacts.

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