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On blocking Gutenberg

Pat Lockley reading my mind this week. I use a few content management systems, and learning management systems. I’ve actively had to use, and train others on, the big four LMSs in higher ed in North American in the past three years (BBL, Canvas, Moodle, and Brightspace). Everytime I engage with these systems I have…

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Guru-itis potentially fatal to good teachers

I encountered this article via Downes OLDaily, Grant Frost, frostededucation, Feb 10, 2023 “Among professional fields of study,” writes Grant Frost. “I am not sure any can quite match education when it comes to the prevalence of what I like to call ‘Guruitis’,” a term he uses to describe “the penchant that educational authorities have for…

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Personal blogging

David Hopkins recently shared a thought from Monique Judge regarding the state of social media and where personal blogs might fit. The part that stuck out to me, which I Tweeted out (but am including here to try to be better about the habit) is: The biggest reason personal blogs need to make a comeback…

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