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Day 16: Inspiring Keynotes of the Past

Thanks to the ALTC for limiting this to being just keynotes, because if I had to choose from any presentation I’ve ever seen my brain would probably melt and pour from my ears from overheating. Keynotes alone is challenging enough. There are plenty of conference keynotes that fade from memory almost as soon as they’ve wrapped…

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Day 15: Half-way through, wildcard

I want to use this wildcard opportunity to re-up something I think I need to bring back, the Edtech SLAM! (original post). EdTech SLAM! Join us over at — where we will host an Educational Technology SLAM! We will be showcasing technology tips, tricks, and tools that are conducive to learning. All are welcome to attend…

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Day 14: Edtech Twitter Chats

I almost jumped in and started listing hashtags I follow, but looking at the prompt again I see it’s “chats” specifically. Earlier in my time on Twitter I think I saw a lot more chats, although they didn’t necessarily follow the format of #topicchat. In my early days I recall #literacies and #digped being chats I’d…

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Day 13: Acronyms I could do without

As someone who does instructional design, I bet you’d guess this would be an opportunity for me to slam ADDIE, or SCORM, or some other ID/edtech punching bag. Nope. This time around I’m going to leave them alone because, at least as acronyms, they work. Working in higher ed and ID/edtech in particular you run…

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Day 12: Who is your EdTech icon

My edtech icon: although the original should have the black background, but I can’t seem to find that file. I’m going to leave this as is. I understand the question is supposed to be answered with names of people, but as David Hopkins also pointed out, the term icon is problematic.

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Day 11: EdTech Hashtags to Follow

If this question had been asked five or six years ago I might have a longer answer. But over the years I’ve moved away from following hashtags on Twitter specifically, and now use lists some times, and then mostly an RSS feed to keep up with conversations. That being said, in the year 2021 if…

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Day 10: My Office Buddy

A post about my office buddy? Excuse me while I scroll through like 1000 photos of my cat. This is Susu Watari, and she is super helpful and keeps me company everyday: If you’re familiar with Hayao Miyazaki’s films you might recognize her name from My Neighbour Totoro and Spirited Away.

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Day 9: Student EdTech Projects

This topic could be tackled a couple of different ways. For example, I was an edtech student once, so I could share a project I worked on while in school – my pick would be the SHFS website and Everett Baker Slide collection project. It could be taken as a project I’ve seen that current…

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Day 8: Shiny Gadgets I love

I don’t really fit into the edtech scene on this question. At least I don’t feel that way. When it comes to tech, shiny is almost never on the plate for me. I still use a 2012 Mac Mini as my primary desktop. Most other devices I run into the ground before purchasing a new to…

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