Course Description

Teaching and Learning Online is a five (5) week introductory course designed for instructors who will be teaching online in the near future, or have just started teaching online.

The course is cohort-based which means that participants cover the content together and can benefit from collaborating. The workload has been distributed so that each week will require about 3 hours spread out over the week.

Participation in the course will enable you to:

  1. experience online learning from the student perspective so that you can:
    1. identify student experiences and better meet student needs in the online environment
    2. experience, observe and evaluate a number of online teaching strategies
  2. experience an online learning environment and explore how it is different from face to face teaching.
    1. identify possibilities and challenges of an online course in communication, content delivery, collaboration and assessment.
    2. reflect on the strategies and solutions used in this course designed for online learning.
  3. explore online learning models, so that you can
    1. discuss the potential effectiveness of different interactions in online courses
    2. practice and employ the theories and models discussed in the course
  4. explore strategies and challenges in online teaching/facilitating, so that you can
    1. identify potential difficulties and challenges in online teaching
    2. discuss suitable online teaching strategies and design sound pedagogical online activities
    3. collaborate with your colleagues and providing feedback to each other



Feature Image by kreatikar published on Pixabay under a CC0 License.