Category: Practical and Applied Arts Instruction

Metal & Welding 101

Saskatoon Makerspace Materials: each dice project consists of a 24” length of  ⅛” x 4” flat bar, plus consumables such as MIG wire.  Description: In this combined metal…

Typography 10 Module, Assignment 5: Font walk

“How is graphic design in evidence in our city? The independently taken Font Walk helps us to observe various public spaces where the font is present, and which…

Guitar Project

One of my grade 12 PAA students wanted to make his own guitar, so for this senior PAA project he tackled the areas of drafting, woodworking, and electronics….

Architectural Drafting

Students in grade 11 used AutoCAD to create, label, and dimension a variety of architectural projects. Floor plans, sections, and cross-cut views were created for each project.

Technical Drafting

Students in grade 10 used AutoCAD to draw, and dimension a variety of different objects using orthographic, and isometric viewpoints.

Biplane Project

This grade 10 welding project required students to read blueprints, identify the corresponding (precut) parts, and weld the project using oxy-fuel processes. The planes were professionally powder coated…