“How is graphic design in evidence in our city? The independently taken Font Walk helps us to observe various public spaces where the font is present, and which we may have passed by without paying attention. Created for Napa Gallery by graphic designer Camilla Pentti and Katri Paakkanen”

I was able to take this Font Walk myself in August during World Design Capital Helsinki 2012. The walk took approximately one-hour and showed Helsinki in a different light. Examining the typography used around the city not only shows its influence over time, but also the message that is being conveyed. Read the document created by Camilla Pentti and Katri Paakkanen as you follow along the tour. Clicking on the pins will show the name of the site, and a photo I captured. If you have Google Earth available you can download the file to view.


After reviewing the document and the tour explore your own town/city and take photos of typography. Conduct research about the history of the signs and buildings. As a friend of mine reminded me this year, “never forget to look up”. You will be surprised by what you find. After completing these tasks create your own virtual tour and share it using Google Maps.

View the site

My Role

Student work during Educational Technology and Design program while at the University of Saskatchewan, Department of Curriculum Studies, College of Education.

  • Followed the Helsinki Font Walk pathway
  • Took photos
  • Created interactive map to embed in website
  • Created instructions of how to create said map
  • Created assignment for typography 10 module