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DEU Digital Learning | Tools and Ideas Website

The DEU Digital Learning Tools and Ideas site is a fresh approach and development of previous similar websites created by the DEU. The site is intended for use…

Concepts in Course Design: Mapping Out a Learner Centred Course

Concepts in Course Design (CCD) is a self-paced course for instructors who want to design a new course, redesign, or update an existing course. By the end of…

Discover Open Education: Finding OERs

This session was delivered as a workshop during the Festival of Teaching 2016 at the University of Alberta View the slidedeck A handout was also created for related…

Blended Learning Handbook

The Blended Learning Handbook was developed to accompany a series of blended learning workshops facilitated by the Centre for Teaching and Learning at the University of Alberta. It…

Creating and Using Rubrics

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LEO Learn Quick Tips – Discussions

This video was created as a resource for the Teaching Tips Workshop series at the Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta.

Facilitating Engaging Discussions

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Learning and Teaching Online: Finding the Right Blend

Two workshops were offered at the International Conference on Residency Education 2014 Target Audience: Both seasoned and new Program Administrators This session is designed for both beginning and…