The DEU Digital Learning Tools and Ideas site is a fresh approach and development of previous similar websites created by the DEU. The site is intended for use by SMEs, instructors, and instructional designers as an idea generator or to use in conjunction with a course design mood board. Seven categories of items were adopted from Keele University: captivate, collaborate, connect, curate, capture, check, and create. An additional eighth category, edtech, is included to distinguish specific tools from activities. Each item is added to relevant categories and tagged with keywords. Visitors to the site can contribute items freely.


The Distance Education Unit, University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

My Role

Instructional Designer

  • Identify educational technology for use in distributed learning classes offered by the university
  • Describe effective learning activities for online course contexts
  • Identify use case examples for both educational technology and learning activities for online learning contexts
  • Organize content into a web resource using categories and tags allowing for ease of sorting and searching of ideas
  • Manage the WordPress site and theme used