Open Textbook Description

Diagnostic Imaging principles and concepts are augmented by the presentation of imaging for common clinical conditions. Guiding principles related to minimizing radiation exposure and requesting the most appropriate imaging examination are addressed. Static images are enhanced by the ability to access images stored and displayed on an html-5 compatible, Dicom image viewer that simulates a simple Picture Archive and Communication system (PACS). Users can also access other imaging from the Dicom viewer (ODIN), beyond the basic curriculum provided, to further advance their experience with viewing diagnostic imaging pathologies.

This book is also available in four digital formats:

Notable Features

  • Use of high resolution medical images in case studies
  • Connection to the ODIN medical imaging software for learner driven annotation and activity
  • Clear curricular mapping to the CanMEDS framework and regulating bodies’ guidelines

My Role

  • Consultation regarding the organizational structure of the ebook
  • Training on the use of the Pressbooks platform
  • Instructional Design consultation
  • Management of the book site and outputs