Completed Website re-design project to the Saskatchewan History & Folklore Society. The new website has been designed and tested using the WordPress platform and a custom template incorporating a collection of features from other vendors that we hope will serve the organization’s needs. An extensive photo gallery was also developed to promote the work of local photographer, Everett Baker. The photo gallery is eCommerce enabled, allowing guests to have their favourite photos of Saskatchewan printed on a variety of products/

While several aspects of the design decisions will be touched on below, the general approach was to deliver a completed product that was accessible, intuitive, and elegant. We hope this has been achieved, and we are launching a fully functional, ready-to-use site that refreshes the SHFS Web presence, while preserving the organization’s identity and ongoing commitment to preserving the history and folklore of Saskatchewan.

We discovered in early meetings that the SHFS produces and maintains a number of products that have enormous value and importance to the historical, educational, and research communities. Every effort has been made to continue this proud tradition and extend the resources of the SHFS to the largest number of users possible.


Saskatchewan History and Folklore Society

My Role

  • Operations Manager: Baker slides gallery build
  • client and stakeholder relations
  • project management
  • front-end analysis
  • usability testing
  • transition document and report writing