This panel discussion was presented at the OpenEd Conference 2016 in Richmond, Virginia, USA

In this panel discussion, several designers, ABE subject matter exerts, course facilitators, and participants will share their experiences from this service-learning project. Through prompted discussion, the panelists will contemplate how well this open service-MOOC model supported both professional development via open education, as well as OER development and use for an adult basic education audience. MOOC design and facilitation issues (including costs, learner feedback / guidance, and assessment) and OER design and development topics (such as authoring and quality / evaluation) will be considered.

A unique aspect of this service-MOOC was the design and facilitation of the course by an all volunteer team of professional instructional designers and adult basic educators. Starting in the fall of 2015, volunteer designers and subject matter experts in ABE spent 13 weeks designing and developing the course. Another team volunteered for 12 weeks as the course facilitators. In total, these professional educators and instructional designers volunteered over 1,000 hours to design and facilitate this service-learning experience. A conservative estimate of the professional services donated by the volunteers who designed and facilitated this course exceeds $50,000.

The OER was designed and developed using Open Author, an online authoring tool on OER Commons. The instructional materials each MOOC participant developed incorporated all necessary content presentation, learner practice, and assessment materials for 15-30 minutes of instruction, as well as guidance for instructors regarding use of these materials. Upon successful completion of this project-based course, participants earned an Instructional Design Service Badge and Certificate of Recognition.

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