Association canadienne des concepteurs et des conceptrices p├ędagogiques – Canadian Association of Instructional Designers

This presentation was given in February of 2019 as part of the ACCP-CAID Workshop Series 7: Instructional Design and Research.

For the 2018-2019 Series, presenters were invited to address the topic of academic research in the field of instructional design from different perspectives. What are researchers working on right now? What is the need for research in instructional design? How can research improve the practice of the designer? Are research findings used in the regular work of instructional designers? Who does research in instructional design? Electronic tools have evolved very quickly, so how can the field of research follow the rapid movement in the field of instructional design?

What is Old is New Again: Patterns in Pedagogy and Educational Technology

Technology, and its adoption, is moving at an unprecedented pace and teaching has yet to catch up to the new opportunities presented in the 21st century. Or so some current narratives go. Pausing to investigate the interactions and methods that learning technologies afford, we begin to see patterns stretching back for nearly a century. What patterns emerge when we reflect on our own practice? Which current trends and issues in educational technology and teaching feel oddly familiar? Together, we will examine a small selection of new technologies and pedagogical approaches, contribute patterns we see our current work, and discuss the significance of the history of educational technology on our daily instructional design practice.

Three slides I am particularly proud of:

whats old is new again Slide05
whats old is new again Slide09
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