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Monogamous Book Club – Revealing Hegemony

Hegemony and Information Design Information Design In reverse order from the title, let’s start with information design (something I presume should be readily transferable to the work of instructional design). DiSalvo explains here that information design concludes in the creation of artifacts that render data. Artifacts can include any combination of elements such as: type,…

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Monogamous Book Club – Design and Agonism

A path of least surveillance traced in Manhattan (courtesy of the Institute of Applied Autonomy). via Defining Adversarial Design I had recalled a bit about defining adversarial design, but I found myself equally challenged to think about it again as I read this chapter. The author goes through quite a bit of detail to separate…

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Monogamous Book Club – Forward

Pavan Trikutam About a month ago Jim Groom posted an invite on his blog, Bavatuesdays, to join a monogamous book club. The underlying idea being that sometimes you need a little motivation or a reason to carve out specific time to get to your reading list. I know I need that anyway. The idea of…

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