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Out of Context Drafts

Adam Croom published a collection of sentences or key takeaways from conversations that were part of blogposts he never posted. It’s a really interesting concept and I encourage you to check it out, as it’s really interesting to only get the snippet. It is a bit like walking down the street while he is chatting…

By JR March 19, 2019 0

Unfair at Any Speed?

I came across this article via Laura Gibbs on twitter yesterday and the quote caught me a bit off guard, really glad to see this article in Inside Higher Ed: Unfair at Any Speed quote “Our current Taylor/Thorndike industrial, palletized, time-based, one-speed-fits-all model is unfair for any speed of learner.” — Laura Gibbs (@OnlineCrsLady)…

By JR March 14, 2019 0