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August 8, 2023 Off By JR

A bit of a podcast heavy week this week, lots of great listening while doing housework and the like. Enjoy!

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Reconnection.Vision: A pathway for change from the children of the future.

Thirteen young people from Yukon and northern British Columbia, representing various backgrounds and professions, have responded to the Climate Change Emergency Declaration signed by Yukon First Nations in February 2020. The leadership called for a Youth-led Climate Vision and Action Plan in the declaration. In response, these young people have created Reconnection Vision. This initiative aims to work towards a better future for all and continue the journey of Together Today for Our Children Tomorrow. Their efforts are guided by the belief that they are the Children of Tomorrow, working today to safeguard their future.

This site was developed using Frame, an AI website generation tool. Something to check out at some point.

Indigenizing the Conversation – Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux, Chair for Truth & Reconciliation, Lakehead University

This 28-slide presentation provides an overview and thorough line for Indigenizing the Conversation. Beginning with Historical Realities (some clear graphics of treaties in Canada), followed by the Legacy of Colonialism (impacts on wellness and some really sad statistics about the prevalence of Indigenous youth in the foster system). But it doesn’t leave you there, it pivots to areas for self-reflection and actions you can take. Beginning with a reflection on the violence of benevolence, it covers critical broad concepts from Cultural Intelligence, Humility and Safety to EDI and relations with Indigenous Peoples.

Updating an OER Textbook via AI and ChatGPT – Adam Croom

For his Introduction to Advertising large lecture course, Adam received a grant in 2018. This grant helped him to adopt an open educational resource textbook, which has resulted in substantial savings of over $50,000 for more than 1,000 students. Although the textbook is outdated, it serves a secondary/tertiary role in the course. Students have expressed their appreciation for the cost savings but have also expressed dissatisfaction with the textbook’s outdated content. He considered revising the textbook since the license allows for it. To update the outdated references, he tested ChatGPT, an AI-powered rewriter, on a chapter of the textbook. While it proved to be a useful tool, it has limitations in creating appropriate learning objectives. Despite its limitations, Adam believes it could be valuable for updating outdated textbooks. It could even be used as a class project for students to update a chapter of a textbook.

So very tired of predictions about AI in education… – George Veletsianos

"By people who aren’t AIEd experts, education technology experts, education experts, and the like."

Here here.


The Father of Space Travel – Cautionary Tales with Tim Harford

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Dr. Anne Pasek – Gettin’ Air with Terry Greene

Poles Apart: How A Journalist Divided A City – Cautionary Tales with Tim Harford

Episode 187: Undercover Boss, Uber-Driving CEOs, and the "Empathetic Executive" Schtick – Citations Needed

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