Case Study: Using a Magazine Format for eLearning

December 12, 2018 2 By JR

If you follow elearning bloggers and don’t yet follow Connie Malamed you should. She writes quite a lot about her projects in an accessible format. A few years ago I purchased her book Visual Design Solutions which presented elearning concepts through text and imagery. Even though I don’t design online courses in quite the same way, for the same audience, or using the same toolset, I find Connie’s writing interesting and informative. Her post Case Study: Using a Magazine Format for eLearning is both an interesting approach to the learning design she implemented, but also a great example of how as an ID you can create a portfolio piece. Look at the structure, information, and screen grabs she provided. Although we don’t get to see the whole thing and interact with it, she still gives us enough to get the idea behind it and understand its functionality. Knowing that, I don’t need to use Articulate 360, I can find other ways to get similar interactions, like using Pressbooks and H5P for example. I like the idea of publishing ‘issues’ for continuing workplace learning.