How are Interactive Maps Used in E-Learning Design? #314

How are Interactive Maps Used in E-Learning Design? #314

June 13, 2022 Off By JR

I have a back catalogue of small instructional design challenges and charrettes that I’ve been meaning to build into something bigger one day. That is obviously taking too long, so here’s a new idea. The Articulate E-Learning Heroes Community runs a weekly eLearning Challenge. I’ve mentioned before that often different IDs in different contexts will use different tools, and while I’ve used some of Articulate’s products, I’m primarily a Mac user. This means that a number of their products are not available to me. So instead, I thought, rather than being an Articulate eLearning Hero, that I could be an InArticulate eLearning Hero. So here it goes.

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to build and share an interactive map to show how they can be used in e-learning.

David Anderson