New H5P Content Type – Information Wall

September 3, 2021 Off By JR

Earlier today, Oliver Tacke posted a new content type he developed for a special project. You won’t find this type in the H5P content hub, but as Oliver says,

As usual, if you want to use the content type and if are allowed to install H5P libraries, you can simply download this demo content via the Reuse button. Then you upload it to your H5P integration, and then you can use it as if you had installed it from the H5P Hub. If you’re not allowed to install H5P libraries, however, you’ll get a message hinting to missing libraries. Please ask your admin to install Information Wall in that case.

The basic idea seems to be a series of text inputs that appear on the left, and images on the right. Why multiple text fields you ask? Well, each one is called a property in the H5P editor, and you get some control over if that property name is displayed (you’ll see examples of this below), and bold or italic (such as the ingredients list below). You can also determine which properties you would like to be searchable, so in the example below I made the ingredients searchable; a quick way to see what you could make with what you have in the cabinet. The search seems to be limited to exact matches, but an update to the search bar could be added (the beauty of open source). Another interesting feature is that you can drop in an image that will go into any row which does not have a specific image. I used that feature for a couple of items I didn’t have handy images for.

I thought I would take it for a test drive, and when I saw the search bar in Oliver’s example I thought, hey that would be useful for cocktails as earlier this week I was combing through books because we ran out of lemon and a guest requested a cocktail. Looking through the cabinet, the books, and the lack of a citrus left me wanting for searchability.