Ontario Extend 9x9x25 Challenge – The “And Beyond”

Ontario Extend 9x9x25 Challenge – The “And Beyond”

September 26, 2018 Off By JR

Take that as your official invitation to join me, and others from across Canada, in this challenge. I mention on my calling card that usually I don’t blog (despite my best intentions) unless I am taking a course, or attending a conference. I am great at starting draft posts, placing one sentence and maybe a title on them and then completely abandoning them.

Over the summer of 2018 I watched Terry Greene and Alan Levine on Twitter, posting all kinds of activities and challenges for eCampus Ontario’s Ontario Extend. I did manage to jump in on a few activities, but my participation in online communities, and MOOCs in particular, is fickle at best. I hear you asking, “JR, given your dropout rate in such activities, why are you participating in this one?” Good question reader. The challenge Terry put forth was to write about what was happening in your classroom this term, which to me sounded like a way to capture and see what what others are doing. However, as a full time instructional designer I do not have my own classroom. Instead I get to see a wide range of activities used in classes across disciplines. I pitched the idea to Terry that instead of writing about what was happening in “my classroom” that I would take the opportunity to write about some of the instructional design I’ve worked on or am working on.

Over the summer I spent a bit of time reorganizing my web-life and obtained my name domain finally. I moved almost everything over from Module13 which I still need to decide what to do with. (Currently Module13 is just a landing page and a portfolio of wooden pens and pencils I’ve made. Different and diverse wood working projects to come I hope). In the move I had to clean up my portfolio which had all but disappeared after deactivating a portfolio plug-in I was using. I took what I had and started up my teaching and learning portfolio using a theme Alan Levine pointed out in the Reclaim Hosting forums as part of Ontario Extend. Then I took a run through Kristin Anthony’s course, Go Design Something: Building Your Job-Winning Portfolio, looking for tips on how to structure an ID portfolio. There were lots of great tips in there, and I was ready to write! … … … Hey look at that! I am also good at starting drafts over there too.

So, here’s the hope. Taking on the 9x9x25 will accomplished to goals:

  1. Provide me some structure to keep working on my portfolio.
  2. Allow me to Design in the Open a bit more (following Jen Maddrell and Kristin Anthony’s lead).

See you in the feed.


Feature image: Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash