Reclaimed – Site Visits and Mölkky

August 12, 2012 Off By JR

Well if I continue to write short books as posts I’ll never keep up so please forgive the next few for being shorter.

We started the day with site visits. We met in Ihana Kahvila, which is the best coffee shop I have been in in Helsinki. Main floor is a University shop and down stairs they have the “think corner” which has comfortable seating, tables, games, etc. and students can read or collaborate in this space.

Our guides for the morning were two Finnish highschool students that actually did this tour as an assignment. If you want interdisciplinary assignments, this is a great example. They had to do all of the planning and research and writing etc. (in English, maybe their 3rd or 4th language) and guide a bunch of students/tourists around. So we had an introduction of the University and the coffee shop by them and proceeded to the Senate square. There we learned some Finnish history and the history of the square (representing the three aspects of power in society, religion, knowledge, and secularism). From there we went to Snellmaninkatu to see the Senate apartments and the national bank, and we also saw the archives on the way. We stopped just inside of the University of Helsinki museum. Finally we came to the physiology and psychology building where our class is being held. The tour was about 45 minutes and these two were great. (BTW those are iPads in their hands)

Next was a bit scary for me. After lunch I was asked to give a ten minute presentation about using twitter for education. I always see our alumni giving these talks, but have not made one myself. Also I had to keep in mind that students in this class were from many different countries and backgrounds and were also my peers. It seemed to work out though, we have started making some good connections and I hope to work collaboratively with my classmates using twitter more and more.

The rest of class we talked about our goals for DETEF and shared those with our groups and the class, again using Flinga. We could then identify common learning goals and hopefully students can group together based on those interests.

Mölkky tournament!
For those of you that don’t know what it is that’s okay. Mölkky was created in 1997 and can be played anywhere. The skittles are numbered 1-12 and arranged, then you throw a bigger skittle (the rock?) and knock skittles over. You gain points, and want to achieve exactly 50 points. There were six games, and five teams of 3 at each game I believe. Everyone caught on quickly and had fun it seemed. This was a whole HSS event so I was able to connect with students in other courses as well.










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