Rocketeering WordPress with a Jetpack

January 11, 2023 Off By JR

Recently, in Your Goal is to be Part of Everyday, I wrote about how I can struggle with being a consistent blogger. Partly that is due to the infinite scroll of Twitter (yes, I’m still there), but partly it is the workflow for authoring on WordPress. The bar isn’t so high when I’m on a proper computer. I can open a tab, log into my site, click add a post, and get writing.

I have been trying to provide more prompts for myself by automatically generating drafts from bookmarked items in Feedly. This gives me more of a Belshaw or Downes style blog post as a quick reply and webmention type post.

Thankfully, I’d seen Keegan Wheeler do a demo where you could author by emailing (it was a cool conference session where Keegan introduced GOBLIN for faculty development). Alan Levine noticed this little memory bit and shared with me that you can still do that using Jetpack.

(looking to see if the alt text I included is coded properly in the post)

So I will give it a shot, this being the first post.

Also, connecting my WP posts to social media accounts will work here, too, for easy publishing. I’d used IFFTT previously, but with inconsistent results.

I will have to get used to the new set of shortcodes to make posting appear as I want, with as little need for cleanup after the fact.

The Rocketeer flickr photo by San Diego Shooter shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license