Using Labeled Graphic Interactions in E-Learning Courses (2020) #283

March 11, 2021 Off By JR

I have a back catalogue of small instructional design challenges and charrettes that I’ve been meaning to build into something bigger one day. That is obviously taking too long, so here’s a new idea. The Articulate E-Learning Heroes Community runs a weekly eLearning Challenge. I’ve mentioned before that often different IDs in different contexts will use different tools, and while I’ve used some of Articulate’s products, I’m primarily a Mac user. This means that a number of their products are not available to me. So instead, I thought, rather than being an Articulate eLearning Hero, that I could be an InArticulate eLearning Hero. So here it goes.

This week, your challenge is to design a labeled graphic interaction for e-learning. You can use the built-in markers or create something from scratch using shapes and graphics.

– David Anderson


Recently I’ve been using Lumi to make H5P activities, which has just the slightest difference in the UI than in WordPress. A labelled graphic such as the following two might be an approach one could use when introducing a learner to a new interface.