We’re all online teachers now

September 24, 2020 Off By JR

James Skidmore over at uWaterloo is currently teaching a graduate course on online teaching and learning, and is creating 60 blog posts for the 60 days of the class. I think this is going to become a fantastic collection. Each post is short and snappy, focusing on a single topic which is discussed often in online teaching and learning (e.g. Bloom, modules, ADDIE, etc.). I bumped into the ADDIE post without seeing the rest of the context of the blogging project, so I’ve shelved my commentary on that post for the time being.

From James’s blog:

For Fall Term 2020 this blog will be exploring issues informing education during a pandemic. It is appearing as part of a graduate seminar on online teaching and learning. You can read more about the seminar or see the other posts.

I’m going to be keeping an eye on this project and encourage you to as well, as James says, we’re all online teachers now.