WordPress as eLearning Launchpad – H5P Roadshow 2021

WordPress as eLearning Launchpad – H5P Roadshow 2021

April 1, 2021 Off By JR

Well, 2021 is shaping up to be a lot like 2020 as far as travel goes. Normally this time of year I’m getting ready to head to conferences in person. This year I’m participating in a few virtual conferences, and one of them I am I super excited to have been a part of is PressEd Conf. I’ve been watching this conference, hosted via Twitter, since it started in 2018. I love the format, and think other conferences have a lot to learn from how this one is done. The basic idea is that you have 10-15 tweets in a 15 minute period. You can schedule your tweets, or live tweet. Compared to sitting through Zoomish sessions, regardless of the year, it’s really refreshing. The way folks can jump in and ask questions DURING the presentation is great, as well as after. The way tweets thread also opens up cool branching possibilities for conversations. I don’t know, something about it feels pretty personable, especially thinking back on one of the last conferences I attended with high rise classrooms.

The presentation I submitted was a continuation of JR’s (Pandemic Times) H5P Roadshow. This year, especially with the shift to online learning, has presented a lot of opportunities to share the work I have been involved with creating interactive content for classes. I’m really appreciative of those who have invited me to their schools, colleges, organizations, etc. to talk about the work. I’m happy to help, showcase examples, and promote the affordances H5P has presented for online learning.

This stopover on the roadshow was titled WordPress as eLearning Launchpad. Originally I wanted to get a bit more into how I’m working on the concept of the InArticulate eLearning Hero, but March seems to have escaped me. That turns out to be a bit of a blessing, as it turns out that 15 tweets is not a lot of space. So, without further delay:

There were great sessions this year, as always, and I hope you take the time to check a few others out on the PressEd site. I know I have a few to go back to and look more closely at.

I really enjoyed the conversations that came from this, and hope it opens new opportunities to connect with others interested in this work. There are so many examples to choose from that it was hard to select just a few for the room I had. Considering this format has also made me think a little bit more deeply about how I might do a session when I start going to face-to-face conferences again.