Quick Reflection – Interactive Remixing of an Open Textbook

Quick Reflection – Interactive Remixing of an Open Textbook

November 21, 2018 0 By JR

Not my 9x9x25 post this week, but I just read Interactive Remixing of an Open Textbook by Sarah (of IDIG fame), and was about to comment when I thought, ‘hey, I can just blog a quick reflection and hopefully it’ll ping back’. Honestly, I’ve been frustrated with blog commenting systems for a while now. Some require login, some eat my comments, so here…I’m reclaiming commenting.

I quite like how using three small(ish) tools to make a useful OER are displayed in this post. In particular, the use of H5P for self-check activities hits close to home. Recently our institution moved from a self-hosted version of Pressbooks to the enterprise version, both of which had H5P installed, but I’m looking forward to smoother export options moving forward.

When I worked on the ProCom OER Open Textbook and resources we ran into this issue of embedding videos, and having some self-check activities along the way. The final resources were distributed via GDocs (I only learned about PB like 3 months before the project closed, and H5P like a year after). The GDocs still allowed for readers to download the work to pretty much an format they wanted, but the interactive elements were definitely a missing element that I think would have made the resource just that much better.

Currently I design course materials to be hosted in an LMS or WordPress site, but I am interested in trying out an entire course as a Pressbook. We’ll see if someone takes me up on the idea.

open textbooks flickr photo by giulia.forsythe shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)