Personal blogging

Personal blogging

January 6, 2023 Off By JR

David Hopkins recently shared a thought from Monique Judge regarding the state of social media and where personal blogs might fit. The part that stuck out to me, which I Tweeted out (but am including here to try to be better about the habit) is:

The biggest reason personal blogs need to make a comeback is a simple one: we should all be in control of our own platforms … Buy that domain name. Carve your space out on the web. Tell your stories, build your community, and talk to your people. It doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. It doesn’t need to duplicate any space that already exists on the web — in fact, it shouldn’t. This is your creation. It’s your expression. It should reflect you. – ‘Bring back personal blogging’ by Monique Judge

David talked a bit about his own blogging hiatus, and lower engagement online generally. This resonated with me as well. At the end of 2022, many people I followed on Twitter were talking about their journey to Mastodon. It hasn’t been a total exodus, but I really have noticed a difference in my feed in 2023 already. What was once my go-to place for professional connections and PD is a shell of what it once was. Tweaks to the algo likely aren’t helping that any. For now, I’m still there, but want to further commit to blogging this year, not just about H5P, but about a wider range of activities.

With that, here’s to 2023!

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